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Secrets you may have missed in Super Mario RPG!

The Super Mario RPG™ game is packed with oddities that can be easily missed. Listing them all would be waaay too much for this article, but here’s a handful to get you started!

Spoilers ahead!

A tower of secrets

Welcome to Booster’s tower—a rather odd place if we do say so ourselves. If it wasn’t strange enough the first time, try coming back after you clear it. On this return trip, make sure you:

1) Find Knife Guy and get the Bright Card (by winning his juggling game). What does this do, you ask? Err, hold that thought—we’ll talk about it in a sec!

2) After you defeat Valentina, make your way back to the top of the tower for a special little scene.

A grate place to hang out

After you snag the Bright Card, head over to Bean Valley—specifically the spot with the five pipes and a Shy Guy watering Piranha Plants. Wait for the Shy Guy to water them all and then fight the Piranha Plant in the top left corner. After you beat it, head down the pipe.

From here, find and defeat the Golden Chain Chomp. Next, head to the corner where it was hanging out, and jump three times in a row to find a hidden platform.

Where does that platform lead? Guess you’ll need to try it to find out!

Now you’re playing with power; portable power!

After you rescue Princess Peach from Booster’s Tower, head back to the Mushroom Kingdom inn to find a very game-obsessed young Toad. Try talking to him multiple times and he’ll sell his game to you! And yes, you can check it out by selecting “Play Game” from the main menu.

Fantasy of finality

A tough boss is waiting for you in Monstro Town, but how do you get past that locked door? Hmm, perhaps a trip to Moleville is in order. It’s been said that the good townsfolk here may help you find a Shiny Stone …

Like a boss

Speaking of bosses, did you know that you can battle more challenging versions of some bosses after you beat the game? This takes a little prep, though. First, start up the save file with a star next to it. By now, Toad should have given you a Stay Voucher for the Marrymore Inn (what a guy!). After a good night’s rest, you’ll be compelled to go back to Star Road to find a few new wishes. It seems like some folks out there want a rematch …

Now it’s just a matter of finding the bosses. We suggest paying a visit to Frog Sage to point you in the right direction. Each time you defeat a boss, keep coming back to him for more advice. After all, there are seven total bosses to find!

Just a note that these bosses are extra tough, so prepare yourself with items and your best equipment before each battle. You may also want to beat that boss in Monstro Town before you get deep into this content.

OK, that’s it for this article. Once again, there are a lot more secrets to find in this game—we hope you enjoy exploring every nook and cranny in Super Mario RPG!

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