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The Roost Collection - Tea Time Towel


This item is no longer available.

Exclusive to Nintendo stores!

Add a touch of coffee-shop warmth to your home with this tea towel featuring Brewster the barista and a lovely collection of island-themed iconography. 
Tea towels are delightfully versatile. They can be used as tasteful home décor, to dab up spills in a pinch, or even as a cover to help dough rise (because every coffee break deserves a baked good on the side). Pick up one or more and get creative!
This item is part of The Roost collection inspired by the Animal Crossing™: New Horizons game.
Materials: 100% cotton
Care instructions: Handwash or machine wash cold. Hang to dry. Do not clean with bleach or cleansers containing chlorine. Do not expose to heat. Do not dry clean.

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