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Nintendo Switch

Quest Hunter - Strangewood

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Quest Hunter

Strangewood is a story addition to Quest Hunter.

Explore new locations, fight with new enemies, solve puzzles with new mechanics. Level up new skills and get new weapons and equipment. Play alone or together with your old and new friends!

There's something strange going on in the western woods. An enormous cloud of blue mist sucks up everything around. What used to be a wonderful forest is drastically changing. Even bandits tend to avoid these places.

It's high time for the Hero to visit these lands and put things right!

Basic Features

+ Continuation of the story with a new storyline.
+ New addictive quests.
+ New locations in incredible style.
+ New memorable enemies.
+ New charismatic characters.
+ New epic (and not so epic) weapons and equipment.
+ New necessary (and not so necessary) skills and advanced character leveling.
+ New game mechanics and tricky puzzles.
+ New deadly generated dungeons.

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Product information

Release date

December 26, 2022

ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB