Nintendo Switch

Farm Together - Polar Pack

* New flowers: Euphorbia (3 variants)
* New tree: Holly Tree
* New building: Smoked Fish Stand
* New decorations: Curling Stone, Curling Target, Wooden Hot Tub, Icy Path, Sled
* New fence: Slalom Gate
* New outfit with four different skins
* New hairstyle with five different skins
* New Glasses
* New backpack
* New tractor: Snowplow
* New house: Ski Resort
* New house decorations: Cuckoo Clock, Oil Lamp, Cabin Fireplace, Cabin Window, Cabin Bed, Cabin Chair, Cabin Table, Cabin Coffee Table, Cabin Door, Cabin Sofa, Snowboard Rack, Sled

Farm Together - Polar Pack

Release date

May 23, 2022

ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB