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dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack

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Have we reached the Golden Era? magicdweedoo presents a three-part tome that serves as a beacon for indie gaming, for centuries to come.

Upon entering this dimension many years ago, magicdweedoo has proven to be relentless in his development and delivery of otherworldly multimedia experiences. dweeMIXED: Thwee Pack, a collection of remastered underground indie gaming staples, provides an essential guide to this labyrinthine mind.

◄ Ticket ►
In a world where time is running out, where angels, are now demons, and vice versa, and human emotion is no longer a valid format, there is one entity ready to put his FOOT down, and say NO. Play as a lonely timid left foot, determined to make his mark on a world that's ever so crumbling around him. Make your way through exhilirated, magnificent and enchanting landscapes. Move with shoe, live with shoe, breathe with shoe. Be. Shoe.

◄ New Ice York ►
The mystery of the award-winning New Ice York will test your detective skills like never before. Someone has frozen the city, and it's up to you to explore, interrogate, and fist-fight your way to the answer.

◄ Mealmates ►
The sequel to critically acclaimed Mealmate Classic. An award-winning multiplayer party game where you compete to create the most delicious edible being. Get your friends together or play by yourself. It's a minigame mayhem! Whoever produces the most delicious Mealmate will win eternal glory. Dress up your Mealmate in the latest fashions, cook gastronomical delights, explore the mysterious town and more.

◄ Sound Test ►
Blast the full soundtrack of each game featured in the Thwee Pack. Shift the pitch to hear the tracks like never before!

◄ Updated and New Content ►
Elevate your consciousness with TV-worthy cinematic full HD and the buttery smooth gameplay of 60fps for all featured games! Each game has also been forcefully injected with extra content. Only the most hardcore of gamers will be able to find all the hidden secrets, requiring exceptional skills in all three games to unlock.

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Product information

Release date

January 11, 2022

No. of players

ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game file size

463 MB

Supported languages


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