Nintendo Switch

Character Pack Kogasa Tatara

Fans, are you ready? The second pack of additional characters his here!

Introducing “Kogasa Tatara” the cheery forgotten umbrella!
She is an additional character with the ability to
cover up the opponent’s area with her Karakasa Bubble.

She also comes with the popular song, “Tayutau Love (feat. Rapbit)”!

This pack contains the following:

■One character

“Kogasa Tatara”

・Ability: Send “Karakasa Bubble" to your opponent during a 5-combo.

・Spell Card
①Halo “Karakasa Surprising Flash”
Opponent can’t see the shot direction for 9 shot(s)
②Umbrella Sign “Parasol Star Symphony”
Turn the bubbles on the 2,4,6th rows from the top blue.
③Surprising Rain “Guerrilla Typhoon”
Send 2 “Typhoon Bubbles” in front of your opponent’s area.
“Typhoon Bubbles” gradually turn surrounding bubbles into “Blank Bubbles”

■1 Song
・Tayutau Love (feat. Rapbit) / TamaOnSen

■1 Challenge Stage
・Lv.8 Kogasa Tatara Enters the Arena!

* Internet connection required for purchase.
*You will need to restart the game after purchasing contents.

Character Pack Kogasa Tatara

Release date

May 19, 2022


ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB