What are AR Cards?

Every Nintendo 3DS system comes packed with six AR Cards. Launch the built-in AR Games™ application and place an AR Card on a flat surface, and, looking through your Nintendo 3DS Camera, you'll see characters and game content appearing right on your kitchen table, your backyard patio, or anywhere else that you can think of. Pull out the Mario™ card to see everyone's favorite Nintendo® hero, or use the Question Block card to pose and take 3D photos with your Mii™ character, or play a number of exciting built-in games. The possibilities are endless, so experiment and have fun!


Download Bigger AR Cards

Discover even more fun uses for AR Cards with these downloadable versions of the Question Block AR Card in larger sizes. Your Nintendo 3DS system displays content via the AR Card at a size relative to that of the image on the card—so the bigger your printed card, the bigger your game content. Imagine posing for a photo with a life-sized Mii™, sitting on the couch right next to you!

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Nintendo 3DS Photo Showcase

Explore eye-popping galleries of user-submitted photos, and find out how you can submit your own.

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Games that use AR Cards