Make Wii U the centerpiece of your home entertainment setup with these applications, accessible the day you bring your system home.

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Each time you turn on your Wii U console, you'll be greeted by Mii characters from around the world, and the Wii U community's most talked about games in the WaraWara Plaza.

From the Wii U GamePad controller, choose the software you'd like to launch.

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  • A broadband Internet connection is required to use most built-in software. A system update will also be required.

Software Features
Access the HOME Button any time

The HOME Button on your Wii U GamePad gives you immediate access to game manuals, Miiverse, and Internet Browser at any time—without having to exit your game.

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  • Wii U Users

    Manage and keep track of game save data and details for up to 12 users on one Wii U console. Everyone in your family can play as a different user. You can also set unique parental controls for each user.

    Learn more

  • Daily records

    Keep track of how much you've played your Wii U games and applications by date, or in a handy graph. You can even track the daily records for each individual user registered on the console.

  • Play online with friends

    Register friends from anywhere in the world either by exchanging your Nintendo Network ID, sending a friend request to someone you recently played online, or submitting a friend request through Miiverse. Within your Friend List you can see if your registered friends are online, and what game they are playing.

Connect with Mii characters around the world!

Miiverse is a brand-new online community that is built directly into the Wii U console. It lets you share experiences, discuss games, and discover new content with gamers from around the world. Using your Mii character within Miiverse, you will see games, applications or entertainment content that either you have used recently, expressed interest in learning more about, or that your friends are using or discussing.

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Mii characters with screenshot

And now it’s even easier to catch up on the latest Miiverse activity. View the latest posts from your computer—or from your mobile device.


Connect with other Wii U players

This is where you can share your thoughts on a variety of Wii U related topics. Every Wii U title will have a dedicated community, where you can catch up on the conversation surrounding your favorite game.


Express yourself in Miiverse

Within Miiverse, you can communicate in a variety of fun ways. In addition to typed messages, you can attach screenshots of specially designed games while you are playing, or use the Wii U GamePad and stylus to create a handwritten message or drawing while in the game.

  • Certain games and gameplay sequences are not compatible with this feature.


Comments and more

Read and reply to comments made by other people and get involved. Looking for game hints, or have some of your own? Share them here.

comments screenshot

Use the "Yeah!" button to relay your feelings, or choose a facial expression for your Mii to display. These fun and simple actions make it a breeze for you to communicate with others.

yeah screenshot

Connect in-game

With select games, you can even access Miiverse features from directly within the game. For example, in New Super Mario Bros. U, a player's post will appear right on the map in a stage that they have something to say about—be it a tip or just an expression.


WaraWara Plaza

Miiverse at a glance


From the moment you turn on your Wii U console, you'll be greeted by Mii characters gathered from all over in the WaraWara Plaza. You'll see what software people are talking about represented as cubes, with Mii characters gathered around them. You'll also see messages and comments about these topics appearing right in the plaza.

From here, you can also tap a software icon to go directly to its download page in the Nintendo eShop to purchase.


Friends in Miiverse

Connect with people you know

Everyone's activities

If you follow another player, that person's posts will show up in the feed "Everyone's Activities." That way you can always keep up with what they are up to.

follow screenshot follow screenshot


Become Friends with another player, and you can also send direct private messages to that player, or even invite them to a multi-player gaming session.

friend request screenshot

More about using Miiverse

Ways to ensure a positive play experience

  • Customize your settings

    You can set the publish range of your profile or posts to "Everyone," "Friends Only," or "Private." This lets you control who sees your posts.

  • Parental Controls

    You can set the publish range of your profile or posts to "Everyone," "Friends Only," or "Private." This lets you control who sees your posts.

  • Avoid spoilers

    If a post about a game is determined to be a spoiler, the full text will be hidden at first. If you want to see the info, a quick button press can reveal it. You can also mark your own posts as spoilers, and they will be shown in the same way to other users.

Broadband internet connection required. Learn more.


Download games, entertainment, and more.

The Nintendo eShop on the Wii U console is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of downloadable games and entertainment. You can purchase both retail and download-only games, free demos, and applications to enhance your Wii U experience.

Buy now, play now

Download full versions of select games right to your Wii U console* without leaving the house. You'll also find downloadable indie games not available in stores—plus entertainment applications like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and more.

Learn about downloading

  • Depending on available storage, an external powered hard disk drive may be necessary to download content.

Purchase Downloadable Content

Select games have additional, optional content that can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop to make the games you own even more fun. You may find new levels, additional characters, and other unique content.

  • Wii Points cannot be used in the Nintendo eShop. Ability to download games is dependent on available storage capacity. For more info, visit our support page.

Watch the latest game trailers

Enjoy the latest trailers and gameplay videos for games in the Nintendo eShop, all viewable on your TV screen or on the Wii U GamePad right in your hands.

Download free demos

Try before you buy! Enjoy demo versions of select games. Just download and play.

Find your next game

On the Nintendo eShop homepage, you'll find featured games, new releases, and more—all accessible with a quick tap on the GamePad touch screen. Want to browse deeper? Easily search for games by genre, publisher, price, and more.

Rate games you've played

Love that game? Let everybody know! You can then browse ratings, and let your fellow Wii U players help you decide what game to buy next.

Parental Controls

Use the Parental Control setting to limit access to games based on their ESRB rating for specific users on your Wii U console, or to restrict Wii U Shopping Services. For more info, visit our support page.

Broadband internet connection required. Learn more.


Enjoy the Internet with a unique two-screen experience.

The Internet Browser lets you surf the web any time on your TV, using the Wii U GamePad. Simple controls let you share the browsing experience with everyone in the room, or from just the GamePad.

Using the TV screen and GamePad

View websites and play your favorite web videos* on the TV screen for everyone to enjoy—viewable in HD on supported TV sets. Get a more detailed look at small text by using the view of the GamePad—or, use both screens at once with supported websites.

  • Supports H.264, but Adobe Flash is not supported

Watch videos on the TV.

tv display

Read fine print on the GamePad.

gamepad display
gamepad touch controls

Simple GamePad touch controls

Scroll through pages, enter keywords, switch between tabs, and more all using the Wii U GamePad touch screen or buttons. Browse with ease, any way you like.

tilt gamepad

Tilt the GamePad

Using the built-in gyro sensor of the Wii U GamePad, you can scroll up and down a webpage for a unique and intuitive browsing experience using motion controls.

browse the web

Browse the web while the TV is in use

Using only the Wii U GamePad, you can browse the Internet with ease while someone else in the room uses the TV for something else. Use the browser to look up info on the program you're watching, or anything else you like.

Unique features found nowhere else

Continue to browse on the GamePad while a web video is playing on the TV, and find the next video to show off without interruption. Surprise and delight your fellow viewers by setting the stage and revealing the video from behind a curtain and drumroll.

Search for the next video while the first one plays.

gamepad and tv

Use curtains to set the scene and present your video.

tv curtains
The game you're playing will display here.

Get game info at any time

Access the Internet Browser while in the middle of a game using the HOME Button. You can pause your game at any time and go look up information about it online. The game will still be visible as you browse, and you can quickly return to it when ready.

  • Some games may not be able to display the game screen while browsing.
upload screenshot

Upload your favorite screenshots.

Go through the game and find a scene you want to upload, then press the HOME Button and select "Internet Browser." Then you can easily send screenshots from your game to sites which allow image uploads.

  • A system update will be required September 30, 2013.

When posting to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, using the Wii U Image Share will make things easier.
Wii U Image Share: Go here for details

Parental Controls

Use of the Internet Browser can be restricted entirely by the Wii U system's Parental Controls. For more info, visit our support page.

Broadband internet connection required. Learn more.


Nintendo TVii makes great shows even better

Get more from your TV with a seamless, second screen experience on your Wii U GamePad controller. You'll get a personalized program guide, remote control, and social second screen—all in one easy-to-use application.

  • icon


    See when your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports teams are on TV.

  • icon


    Find shows on live TV, or available in on-demand video services.

  • icon


    Find movies on live TV, or available in on-demand video services.

  • icon


    View scores, stats, and find games to watch.

  • icon


    Find programs trending socially and join the fun by commenting and more.

Find & watch

  • Personalize your program guide with the shows you love.
  • Use your GamePad as a remote.
  • Access TV shows, movies, and sports across your existing cable or satellite channels, as well as on-demand video services like:
  • Amazon logo
  • Hulu logo
  • Netflix logo
  • Paid membership for video-on-demand services may be required. Availability may vary by region.

Get social

Nintendo TVii adds a whole new level of interaction to your favorite shows and sporting events, with the tvtag feature.

  • During shows enhanced with tvtag, you can comment with friends on moments from the show as they happen, participate in live polls, and more.
  • Share your comments on Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter.
  • View a play-by-play of recent shows or sporting events you might've missed.
  • Get information about your favorite TV shows and movies, including cast, reviews, trailers, and more.

To access tvtag, just select the icon from the Nintendo TVii main menu. Once selected, you will see all of the shows supporting this fun feature—whether it's on right now or coming up. You can even access a variety of content from previously broadcast shows and sporting events.


Reggie asks

An interview with the developers behind Nintendo TVii.

Read the interview

Parental Controls

Certain features of Nintendo TVii can be managed by the options within the application. For more info, visit our support page.

Broadband internet connection required. Learn more.


Connect with friends and family—right on your TV.

Wii U Chat enables video chat with friends and family who also have a Wii U console, from anywhere in the world. Enjoy video conversations with your loved ones, at no additional cost—all you need is your broadband Internet connection.

Living rooms connect through Wii U

See the smiling faces of friends and family from afar on your TV screen, and enjoy conversations as if they were right in your living room. Set the GamePad on a stand in front of the TV, and the wide-angle inner camera of the GamePad can get the entire family in the picture.

Make a call any time you like

Once you've registered a friend on your Wii U console, you can call them in just two easy steps.

Step 1
From your friend list, choose the Mii that represents the friend you'd like to call. You can see who's online from this list.*

Step 2
Just touch the call button to place the call, and catch up with your friend in seconds.

  • You can adjust the setting so that your online status is invisible to friends from the Friends List settings.

Communicate with handwriting

Hand draw pictures or written text on the touch screen of the GamePad while you chat. You can share these drawings with your friend while chatting to add a creative and personal touch to your conversation.

Take a call during gameplay

While playing a game, the HOME Button on the GamePad will emit a blue light when you have an incoming Wii U Chat call. From there, you can press the HOME Button to pause your game and take the call.

  • If you've changed your setting so that your online status is not shown, the HOME Button will not light up when a call is received.

Check your call history for missed calls.

Calls you missed while your Wii U console was off or calls that you didn't answer can be viewed from the "Missed Calls" list. You'll also receive a message in Miiverse letting you know that the call came in.

Broadband internet connection required. Learn more.


Make a Mii for everyone in the family, and more.

Create original Mii characters that represent you, your family, friends, or anyone you like using the built-in Mii Maker application. These Mii characters will appear in Miiverse and specially designed Wii U games, putting you right into the gaming experience!

Mii characters Mii characters
camera screenshot

Use the camera to make a Mii

If you want a head start in creating your Mii, take a picture of yourself using the built-in camera on the Wii U GamePad. Mii Maker will automatically create a Mii. You can then edit further to complete your creation.

Import your favorite Mii characters to Wii U!

import illustration

From Nintendo 3DS
You can transfer Mii characters created on a Nintendo 3DS system using either its QR Code® pattern, or via direct wireless communication.

From Wii
When you perform a Wii System Transfer, the Mii data on your Wii console will also be transferred.

For more info on System Transfer, click here.

Save up to 3,000 Mii characters

Mii showcase

Using all of the various ways to create and import Mii characters, plus any Mii that visits to play over the Internet, you can save up to 3,000 on one Wii U console shared between all users.

  • QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in JAPAN and other countries.
Mii showcase
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