Nintendo Switch
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Experience a revitalized JRPG classic with LIVE A LIVE

Previously unreleased outside of Japan, the LIVE A LIVE game makes its grand entrance to the Nintendo Switch™ system with a stylish HD-2D makeover and a rearranged version of the original soundtrack. If you’re a fan of classic Japanese role-playing games, you may be surprised to know that Takashi Tokita (known for his work on CHRONO TRIGGER and FINAL FANTASY IV) and Yoko Shimomura (known for her work on FINAL FANTASY XV and the KINGDOM HEARTS series) worked on this game.

LIVE A LIVE begins with seven stories, each with a different protagonist, time period, and gameplay style. Whether you’d rather start in the Wild West as a wanderer with a bounty on his head or in the Twilight of Edo Japan as a shinobi on a secret mission, you can play each story in whichever order you choose.

Craft weapons and armor for survival, hide from foes using Ninja abilities, and harness supernatural powers to save the day. Each character has a distinct set of abilities and mechanics that change the gameplay as you fight through each era.