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Super Mario RPG comes out next week! Until then, let’s meet the characters

Ready for a quirky adventure where the fate of all wishes hang in the balance? Want to master different elemental attacks? Eager to see a bearded frog? You’re in luck because the Super Mario RPG™ game comes out Nov. 17, 2023. That’s next week!

During the course of the game, a motley crew will come together to save Star Road. Let’s learn a bit more about them, shall we?


A mustachioed hero who’s quite famous around these parts. He doesn’t say a lot, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.


This determined princess is all about safeguarding the world. She also wields a mean frying pan.


The prickly head honcho of the Koopas is also quite the troublemaker. But hold on, he’s here to help this time?!


A sensitive, young frog (uh, at least he says he’s a frog) who’s ready for a journey of self-discovery.


A guardian of Star Road sworn to protect the world’s wishes with his advanced firepower. He’s also a doll (kinda).

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