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Splatoon 3 DLC: What to know before you get started!

Side Order is the second wave of the Splatoon™ 3: Expansion Pass DLC*, adding a brand-new single-player campaign that’s designed to be played again and again. You’re tasked with making your way up the Spire of Order, with each floor getting increasingly tougher.

Here’s how it works. During a run, you’ll use something called color chips to supercharge your abilities. If you run out of lives, those abilities will disappear and you’ll start again from the bottom of the tower. But don’t worry—this is totally normal and how the DLC is designed! As you play, you’ll also earn Przl (pronounced “pearlz”) that can be redeemed for permanent upgrades to make the next run a bit easier. So, uh, losing is also…winning? Yes, let’s go with that!

To help you put your best foot/tentacle forward, here are some tips to freshen up your strategy:

Experiment with your color chips

If there’s one word to remember for this DLC, it’s “experimentation.” It’s totally fine to pick color chips that play to your strengths, but you may also be delighted by going outside your comfort zone. For example, you can build up a well-rounded character that’s good at a lot of things, use chips of the same color to excel in one thing, or pick traits that complement each other. And if one approach doesn’t work out for you, try something else for the next run—the world is your oyster!

Extra tip: If you find yourself often overwhelmed by enemies, try color chips that increase your Lucky Chain and Lucky Bombs drops. And if all else fails, upgrade the Pearl Drone—your little buddy has the potential to do some massive damage.

Use Prlz for permanent upgrades

Prlz are a type of in-game currency, and you’ll earn them with each run through the Spire. Once you have a bunch, speak to Marina outside the Spire of Order to get permanent upgrades for your next run. If you need a boost early on, try upgrades that unlock more lives, reduce damage from enemies, and provide a very handy ability called “Broken-Armor Jump.”

Extra tip: When you’re outside the Spire, open your menu every now and then and look at your color chip collection. You get a small amount of extra Prlz when you use a color chip for the first time.

Spend Membux for temporary benefits

Membux are awarded to Agent 8 while traversing the Spire of Order and can be spent at vending machines. After unlocking certain upgrades, Membux can also be used to purchase a continue when all lives are lost, reset the upcoming floor, or reset vending machine offerings. Finally, for every 100 Membux left over after each run, you’ll receive one Prlz.

Extra Tip: During each run, try to get to Floor 5 at the very least. Doing so will give you extra Membux for the next run, and ensure that a vending machine will appear at Floor 5.

Speaking of…make use of vending machines

When a vending machine appears, you can select it to skip a floor without having to fight. Here, you can also use Membux to buy lives if you’re running low, as well as color chips, sub weapons, and special weapons.

Unlock different Palettes

Palettes can be obtained from the lockers (you’ll just need a key to open them). Palettes are important because they change the weapon sets you use within the Spire of Order.

You may have a favorite weapon that you always stick with, but remember—Side Order is about experimentation! The color chip system may make weapons feel very different from what you’re used to. You may even end up loving something you typically don’t play with.

When in doubt…retreat!

When your armor breaks, try to flee any encroaching enemies and wait for it to regenerate (swimming in ink will also help speed up the process). You can also spend Prlz on permanent upgrades to increase your speed or launch into the air whenever your defenses are compromised.

Oh, and as we said before, try upgrading the Pearl Drone…

Keep at it

It may feel challenging at first, but keep trying out different builds or tweaking ones that you like. You’ll get stronger the more you play, so keep at it!

And it doesn’t end there…

Once you’ve beaten all 30 floors within the Spire of Order, it doesn’t mean the DLC is over. Can you also complete the following objectives?

  • Visit the new Cipher's Siftings to exchange Prlz for exclusive gear, banners and more.

  • Complete a run with each Palette.

  • Obtain every color chip.

  • Fill out the Jelleton Field Guide.

  • Open every Locker.

  • Max out all of Marina’s upgrades.

To buy the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass DLC, please visit the link below.

*Full version of game required to use DLC. Sold separately.