Nintendo Switch
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Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story is now available!

Two best friends, one wild adventure

Join best friends Nunu and Willump on a single-player adventure across the frozen wilds of the Freljord in the Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story game—now available for the Nintendo Switch™ system. Discover the unbreakable bond between boy and yeti as you traverse a land both beautiful and treacherous, making new allies (and enemies) on a journey of family, friendship, and magic.

Dive headfirst into an immersive narrative set in the undiscovered reaches of the Freljord, where every snowy step brings you closer to the truth about Nunu and Willump’s past.

Unlock an extraordinary world

Hike, climb, and sled your way across the Freljord, a frostbitten land full of harsh blizzards, ferocious wolves… and enchantment. Use your head to progress through the frozen landscape and uncover what secrets lie hidden beneath the ice.

Join legendary champions

Meet the powerful League of Legends champions of the Freljord, including Braum, Ornn, Volibear, and Lissandra—whose twisted magic threatens to bury the world in Dark Ice.

If you’d like to buy the game, please use the link below or visit the Nintendo eShop on your device.

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