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Indie highlights! Check out indie games that recently made their way to the Nintendo Switch system

Looking for something a little different? Great independent games (also known as indies) come to the Nintendo Switch™ system each month. Below, you’ll find a few of the most recent releases.

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Happy gaming, everyone!


Stories say that a great treasure is hidden somewhere in this land. Confront colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful items, and unravel long-lost secrets. Explore a hostile and intricately connected world of shady forests, sprawling ruins, and labyrinthine catacombs.


Looking for friends? Minigames? How about new dance moves? They’re all plentiful in Ooblets! Spend your days renovating your farm, raising weird little pals, participating in card-based dance-offs, designing your house, and helping the mayor save Badgetown.

Return to Monkey Island

Banter with old friends and fresh faces on old islands now manned by a dangerous crew. Take to the high seas and explore the unknown as you work your way out of tough predicaments. Clever puzzles, bizarre situations, and devastating ripostes are all that stand between Guybrush and glory.

Bear and Breakfast

In this laid-back management adventure game, you play as Hank, a well-meaning bear trying to run a B+B in the woods. Find an abandoned shack and fix it up for unsuspecting tourists. But be bear-y careful—as your business expands, so do the mysteries of the forest.

Shovel Knight Dig

Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew have blasted apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and stolen his loot. Grab our old pal’s trusty Shovel Blade and start tunnelling after them! Meet new friends and foes, visit strange lands, and gear up for your quest to keep the land from collapsing underfoot.