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Catch Pokémon with the Pokémon GO Plus + device, available now!

The new Pokémon™ GO Plus + device uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to link with the Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon GO smart device apps. With the Pokémon Sleep app, hold the main button on your accessory and place it by your pillow.

The Pikachu within your device will sing you lullabies while you drift off and act as your morning alarm. As you track your sleep data, you’ll draw in more Pokémon that share your sleeping patterns. Befriend these Pokémon with tasty Poké Biscuits, and they may join you as helpers.

Link your device with the Pokémon GO app to spin PokéStops or throw Poké Balls automatically. This will also give you the opportunity to catch a Snorlax with a nightcap—now that’s a true expert in napping!

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  • Pokémon GO Plus + cannot be used with Nintendo Switch™ family systems.

  • It also cannot be used on its own.

  • This accessory requires a compatible smart device (using Android or iOS) with the Pokémon GO and/or Pokémon Sleep apps installed.

  • Pokémon GO Plus + measures sleep based on the lack of movement.

  • Pokémon Sleep is scheduled for release summer 2023

  • Before purchasing Pokémon GO Plus +, make sure to check the system requirements of this device as well as those of the apps it works with.

  • If the performance of your Pokémon GO Plus + seems unstable, it may improve if you update your operating system.

  • Please do not use Pokémon GO Plus + while operating a vehicle (car, bicycle, etc.).

  • Pokémon Sleep is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical condition or disease.

  • Pokémon Sleep can also track your rest rhythm using your smart device.


Cancer and reproductive harm.