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Pikmin Finder

As its name suggests, Pikmin Finder is an AR experience in which you can
find Pikmin around you using a smart device camera.

You can enjoy it by scanning a designated QR Code® or visiting https://pikmin-finder.nintendo.net on a smart device.

Start Pikmin Finder and look around you.

What’s that?

Touch and pluck it –you’ll meet Pikmin!

You may even encounter this Pikmin type?!

You can encounter different Pikmin depending on the time of day. Try finding different types of Pikmin!

Once you find Pikmin…

Your Pikmin will go somewhere… and bring back a treasure they’ve found. Try to add as many as you can to your collection!

Pikmin 4 available now for Nintendo Switch

You can also download a free demo of the Pikmin 4 game for the Nintendo Switch system and start playing today! Create your explorer, meet the Pikmin, and start exploring. Then, if you decide to buy the full version, your save file will transfer over.

You can download the free Pikmin 4 demo from Nintendo.com or Nintendo eShop on your device.

*Pikmin Finder is played via your web browser. It is not an app.

Safety Info

Guardian supervision recommended.
Be mindful of your surroundings.
Be respectful of the rights and privacy of others when uploading pictures you've taken to social media.

Recommended System Requirements

[iOS requirements]: iOS version 14.3 or later and the latest version of Safari.
[Android]: The latest version of Google Chrome.
*Pikmin Finder cannot be played using a PC.
*Functionality cannot be assured for all devices, even if they meet the requirements listed above. Depending on your device and browser settings, the display and functionality of Pikmin Finder may change, or the service may not be available.

If Pikmin Finder does not start, or if you have any inquiries, please visit our support page. (https://www.nintendo.co.jp/support/notes/pikminfinder.html)