Nintendo Switch

Pikmin 4 Guide for Fresh Recruits

Hit the ground running on your pint-sized Pikmin™ adventure with these handy hints!

1. Get to know the controls

Not sure which button on the controller does what? Easy peasy! Controls can be accessed at any time from the Options menu, which can be opened by pressing the - (Minus) Button. For more detailed information on the controls, you can check the Control Guide found under “Gameplay Guide” in the Options menu.

2. Saving your progress

The game will be automatically saved at certain points when exploring an area:

  • At the start and end of the day

  • When you enter and exit a cave

  • When you progress to the next level

The word "Saving" will appear in the top-left corner of the screen when the game is being saved. At the Rescue Command Post, the game will also be saved when you select “Return to Title Screen.”

3. What’s up with the flowers on the Pikmin’s head?

The flowers on a Pikmin's head will bloom by drinking nectar or remaining underground for some time without plucking them. Pikmin will be able to move faster and carry things more quickly when the flowers have bloomed.

4. Set up Shortcuts for the things you need most

You can assign frequently used actions and items as Shortcuts, which makes them easily accessible through the directional buttons or by pushing in the Left Stick. You can register Shortcut Settings in Options, which can be opened by pressing the - (Minus) Button. Be sure to assign Shortcuts for the things you find most helpful!

5. Get support from a buddy with Co-Op Mode

You can play with another player at any time by pressing the - (Minus) Button to open the Options menu and selecting “Co-Op Mode.” Player 2 can control a target on the screen and throw Pebbles or items, supporting the player as a Pebble Pitcher! Teamwork just might be the key to defeating even tougher creatures.

6. Command Oatchi to help you out

When you're unsure of where to explore next, you can give Oatchi a Command by holding down the Y Button and tilting the Left Stick to the Oatchi option on the left of the wheel. The Command “Pick Up a Scent” will make Oatchi think about what to look for next. Oatchi can also help you find Treasure or castaways by selecting these options. Hop on top of Oatchi to ride straight to whatever you're looking for—so handy!

7. Hunt for sparkly Treasure

Try checking the Radar Map by pressing the + (Plus) Button. Uncollected Treasures will be shown as a ★ within the area that you have already explored. If you create the Treasure Gauge item in the Lab, it’ll react more strongly the closer you get to treasures and castaways.

8. Conquer creatures efficiently

Running into trouble with the local fauna? Here are some dandori tips for fighting creatures.

  • Bring lots of Pikmin with you! They may be tiny, but they can really pack a wallop when fighting one target all at once. This can cut down the amount of time you spend on fighting.

  • Aim for weak points! Depending on the creature, their weak point may always be exposed or it might take a bit of strategy to get to it.

  • Use your different types of Pikmin wisely! They’re better suited to particular jobs at times.

  • With a lot of Pikmin riding Oatchi's back, Rush at your foe with the X Button! Once you slam into it, the Pikmin will jump off Oatchi and onto the creature to keep fighting.

  • When things get hairy, prioritize safety. Blow that whistle!

If you're still having trouble, try making some more gear or powering up Oatchi back at the Rescue Command Post. If you find yourself running low on Pikmin while battling creatures, try increasing the number of Pikmin you have using Onions.

9. Collect Onions to grow more Pikmin

While exploring the caves, sometimes you might find new types of Pikmin to befriend. They'll come with you on your adventure if you leave the cave with them. If you want to grow your numbers for that type of Pikmin, you’re going to need an Onion of their matching color. You can also give a Command to Oatchi and he’ll lead you to where more of this type of Pikmin can be found.

10. Finding more raw materials

Raw materials are required to Build things and to create items and gear back at the Lab. You can find raw materials on the surface and in caves, or get them as rewards for completing Side Missions. The raw materials you dig up from dirt mounds are refreshed every day, so it can be useful to remember where they are. And if you do forget? No worries—just issue Oatchi a Command to sniff out raw materials and he’ll lead you there!

11. Automatically choose which Pikmin to bring

On the screen where you can take out or return Pikmin, a Hint will appear showing what type of Pikmin will be useful in the area. By tapping the X Button, you can automatically create a squad of these Pikmin. It might be wise to listen to this Hint when exploring an area or cave for the first time.

12. Two ways to lock on to targets

When you've got a target under Auto Target Lock, you can press the ZR Button to change to Manual Target Lock. This can be handy when you want to target a creature after slipping behind them. If you press the ZR Button once again while Manual Target Lock is active, you can lock onto another target or remove the lock.

13. Focus on dandori, less on time

Time will not pass while you have the Radar Map or Options menu opened, accessed by pressing the + (Plus) Button or – (Minus) Button, respectively. Plus, time will stop a-tickin’ when you use Survey Drones from the Lab. Use the Radar Map or Survey Drones and focus on your dandori without worry.

14. Give yourself a do-over with Rewind Time

If you feel like maybe you lost a few too many Pikmin back there or that your dandori was not so hunky-dory, you can Rewind Time and try again! Open the Options menu by pressing the - (Minus) Button and restart from an earlier moment. Don't hesitate to use this feature!