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Metroid Dread adds multiple Boss Rush modes in a free update

Attention, hunters! A series of new challenges await in the second free software update to the Metroid™ Dread game, available now. Read on for more intel.

Boss Rush

Complete the game to unlock Boss Rush and fight Samus’ most formidable foes one-after-another to try to get the best time possible! At the end of each battle, your missiles will be restored, but any damage you’ve taken will be carried over to the next boss fight. Each battle can add to the players max missiles, Energy Tank, and Power Bombs, depending on where the boss is in the main game.

Survival Rush

Complete Boss Rush mode to unlock Survival Rush mode. In this mode, defeat as many bosses as possible before a timer runs out. Each boss you defeat will add a bit more time to your clock. And if you're able to defeat a boss without taking damage, you'll get even more time added to your clock. In this mode, missiles and health do not recover between bosses.

Dread Rush

Complete Dread Mode to unlock Dread Rush mode. Challenge a gauntlet of 12 bosses without stopping—one right after the other. Just like in Dread Mode, taking a single hit means instant defeat. Missiles are fully recovered after each boss battle.

Practice Mode

If you’re looking to get a little training in, you can practice boss battles in this mode. Try to defeat each boss as fast as you can. Then, you can go back and check your previous times to see how you’ve improved.

About the game

After a mysterious transmission draws bounty hunter Samus Aran to planet ZDR, she learns the remote planet has been overrun by vicious alien lifeforms and chilling mechanical menaces. Now, Samus must hunt or be hunted as she makes her way through a labyrinth of enemies and an inhuman threat stalking the depths of ZDR.