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Let’s celebrate MAR10 Day with a few fun facts about our mustachioed hero!

Cheerful, inspiring, and one heck of a jumper, Mario has bravely faced all kinds of challenges over the decades. While some folks may have met him during his plumber era, Mario has since taken on many different roles to help keep his friends and the Mushroom Kingdom safe.

Whether you met Mario as a plumber or an elephant with a mustache, you may be looking for ways to celebrate the most MAR10 of days.* So, we’ve gathered a few fun facts to salute our red-capped champ. You can share them with your friends and family to get them into the “Wahoo!” spirit.

Let’s-a go to the facts!

  • Mario was created by Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto and went by the name “Jumpman” in the Donkey Kong™ arcade game (1981). Mr. Miyamoto originally named him “Mr. Video” and wanted to put that character in all the games that he made.

  • The original Mario was a 16 x 16 pixilated image. This technical restriction brought about some of his iconic features: for example, he was given white gloves to make his movements easier to spot when he jumped.

  • The first Super Mario Bros.™ game was designed on graph paper.

  • One of Mario’s most iconic power-ups is the Super Mushroom, but he has also used others such as the Super Leaf, Penguin Suit, Lucky Bell, Goomba’s Shoe, Frog Suit, Boomerang Flower, and many, many more!

If those facts got you fired up to start adventuring alongside Mario and his friends, you can click on the link below to see a handy list of games featuring our versatile hero.

*Mario Day is on March 10 because March 10 = Mar. 10 = Mar10. One last fun fact for the road!