Nintendo Switch
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Join Mario and a cast of oddballs in one of his strangest (and epic-est) RPG adventures!

Tattling goombas, jealous pro wrestlers, chatty computers—this is the world of the Paper Mario™: The Thousand-Year Door game! The nefarious X-Nauts are after the treasure behind the Thousand-Year Door, and it will take a papery cast of heroes and misfits to stop them.

Personalities aplenty

As you leaf through this storybook world, you’ll meet folks from every fold of life. Get schooled by the always helpful (and charmingly sassy) Goombella, support Koops as he finds his courage, and blow past Madame Flurrie’s hot air to find out what’s troubling her (and that’s just the first couple hours). Familiar faces like Peach and Bowser also have stories of their own that you’ll play between Mario’s chapters.

Take the stage of battle

During this paper-adventure, battles will take place on a theater stage complete with an audience! (Seriously, where do those guys come from?) Mario and his friends will need to master timing-based attacks and abilities to prevail.

If you’ve ever played a turn-based RPG, you’ll likely feel right at home with this style of action. But if you haven’t, don’t fret—it’s simple to pick up. A turn-based RPG simply means time will pause when it’s your turn to attack (allowing you to calmly look through a list of your actions without a bunch of jerks attacking you at the same time). To supercharge some of your moves, simply follow the on-screen cues (like pressing the A Button right before you jump on an enemy).

Oh, and remember that battle-watching audience? They may throw some helpful items (or less-helpful cans).

Following a paper trail

This is a Paper Mario game so expect, uh, a lot of paper and paper-adjacent stuff. Mario has been conveniently cursed with some surprising abilities—like folding into a plane to cross large gaps or turning sideways to slip through narrow openings. You’ll also visit colorful locales that all seem like they are made of paper!

New additions

For more deets on the new stuff, check out the article we released last week on your system news feed. But if you want to cut to the chase, the Nintendo Switch™ version of this game has revamped graphics, an updated soundtrack, and gameplay additions like more easily accessible quick-travel pipes and the Partner Ring (to swap partner characters in a jiffy). There are also a few additions to help you out if you’re feeling stuck.

Alrighty, there’s a lot more to say about this game, but let’s cut it here right now in case you’re ready to start playing. If you’d like to buy the game, please use the link below.