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Have questions about the game? We have answers!

With the Princess Peach™: Showtime! game taking center stage on March 22, we thought this might be a good time to answer some questions you may have. So, please grab your snacks and find your seat—we’re raising the curtain!

Lassos, stealth, and cake making. Seriously, what kind of game is this?

You may be finding it a little hard to pin down exactly what type of game this is. That’s completely understandable, and we’ve got you covered!

This is a brand-new action game starring Peach. She’ll have to take the stage in several performances to face a mysterious new enemy. So, think of your movements like you’re on stage: you can go from left to right to progress, but also sometimes move towards the front and back of the stage. You’ll also be treated to some surprises with how…um…extravagant some of the productions are.

Keep in mind, each play may take place on a stage, but these baddies aren’t playing around. They’re ready to duke it out with anyone that gets in their way.

What is Princess Peach: Showtime! about?

Princess Peach was ready for an exciting night out at the Sparkle Theater. But when the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch go off script and attack the theater, Peach and the theater’s guardian, Stella, join forces to save the day!

Work your way up the theater floor-by-floor using Peach’s ribbon to clear out the Sour Bunch from each play, rally the actors, and transform (more on that in a bit).

What do you mean by “plays”?

Every floor has a number of doors that lead to different plays, each with its own theme and transformation. You may enter a wild western scene where you’ll need to rustle up items and baddies with a lasso, or sneak past guards patrolling the set of a ninja village.

You can get a hint of what each play’s theme is by checking out the icon above its entrance. Journey through each play in whatever order you’d like. Then, once you’ve saved each play, the next floor will open. Onward and upward!

Transformations? Do tell!

With Stella’s help and the power of Sparkle, Peach can use powerful transformations that change her appearance and give her distinct abilities. Each transformation reflects the theme of whatever play she’s currently in.

For example, if you’re in a play where you transform into Swordfighter Peach, not only will you get a nifty hat and sword, but you’ll also be able to slash, dodge, and even counterattack enemies. But if you transform into Mermaid Peach in a different play, the gameplay is different! You’ll be able to serenade nearby schools of fish and guide them to help solve puzzles and get past barriers—not to mention you get a super cool tail for swimming!

If you find a transformation that you really like, the fun isn't over once you've finished the play you found it in. You may see it again in plays on later floors!

If you’d like to learn more about these transformations, you can hop on your Nintendo Switch™ device and check your Nintendo Switch News feed to see a few more articles covering each of the 10 transformations.

Rehearse with a free demo!

You can try a free demo of the game to see what’s in store! Get acquainted with the Sparkle Theater and try your hand at two different transformations: Swordfighter Peach and Patissiere Peach. We hope this will give you a feel for how the gameplay changes with each transformation.

Peach takes center stage on March 22. If you’d like to download the free demo or pre-order the game, please click on the link below.