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Freshen up for Spring Fest in Splatoon 3 with new in-game gear

Ah, do you smell that, fellow researchers? It’s the sweet scent of new beginnings—and the distribution of special gear! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Spring Fest* is on the way to the Splatoon™ 3 game, so let’s examine this phenomenon posthaste!

For those of you wondering, Spring Fest is a special Splatfest that will take place Friday, April 19 at 5:00 p.m. PT to Sunday, April 21 at 5:00 p.m. PT.

This time, the question involves a high degree of cuteness: Which fuzzy fluffiness do you like most? Baby Chicks, Li’l Bunnies, or Bear Cubs?

A difficult question, dear researchers! We wish we could choose them all! Unless…

No. We’re being told that you can’t choose them all.

Free in-game gear

Ahem—let’s shift to the free in-game gear**. To claim a basketful of goodies, click the link in the Spring Fest article on your device to start your Splatoon 3 game and then access the terminal in the in-game Lobby. Here’s quick preview of what you’ll get:

(Please make sure that you either have the game card inserted or the digital version of the game on your system.)

OK, that should be all the research for toda…oh wait, ONE LAST, LAST THING!

One last thing…

If you’re looking for more single-player content, the Side Order DLC*** for Splatoon 3 is out now! From what we gather, it seems to be a new adventure designed to be played over and over. You can access it with the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pack.

Good luck out there!

*Any Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Membership auto-renews after initial term at the then-current price. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. https://nintendo.com/switch/online

**To receive the in-game item, please make sure that you have the latest version of the game. If necessary, you can update your game by highlighting the game icon from the Home Menu, pressing the + Button, and selecting Software Update. Internet connection required.

***Full version of game required to use DLC. Sold separately.