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Free download! Match up against the greatest Hunters from the Star Wars galaxy

Engage in thrilling third-person cross-play battles in battlefields inspired by iconic Star Wars™ locales. Use skill and tactics, mix and match teams to find winning strategies, and customize your Hunters as you seek fame and fortune in a new gladiatorial spectacle.

Become a champion

Following the end of the Galactic Civil War, the bright lights of The Arena burst into life and offer survivors and new heroes a platform to shine across the galaxy. Located deep in the Outer Rim on the planet of Vespaara and broadcast far and wide on the HoloNet, the stories and legends of battles that have defined galactic history are brought to life to entertain audiences and create champions.

The Arena brings together all-new Hunters from across the Star Wars galaxy—each with larger-than-life personas, rich undiscovered pasts, and ability sets that make them formidable combatants.

Enter the Hunters

Choose from a roster of new characters, including nefarious bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, Imperial stormtroopers, and everything in between. Outclass opponents by mastering diverse abilities, skills, and strategies while fighting it out in 4v4 third-person combat.

You can also customize each Hunter by collecting and equipping costumes, animations, and weapon appearances, making for a (most) impressive competitor that stands out on the battlefield.

Game modes

Compete across four PVP game modes:

  • Within Squad Brawl, the first team to reach 20 eliminations in an all-out assault mode.

  • In Dynamic Control, teams compete to capture rotating Control Points.

  • Power Control sees squads go head-to-head to control the majority of Control Points on the battlefield.

  • And in Trophy Chase, two teams aim to hold the Trophy Droid, named TR0-F33! The first squad to 100% wins the game.

If you’d like to start playing for free, please download the game using the link below.