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Nintendo Switch

Year 2 Season Pass!

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This is your pass to 6 exciting new worlds to complete in hexceed! With 800+ levels to complete, 150,000+ hexes to clear, and 2 more puzzle mechanics to discover!

This pass unlocks all the DLC that we will release during hexceed's second year! We will be releasing a new DLC every other month, each containing a new world to complete. That's 6 new worlds to explore! Over 800 levels to complete! Over 150,000 individual hexes to uncover!

Although each DLC will be available for purchase individually, this Year 2 Pass lets you buy them all at once and for a discount!
Here is a breakdown of the DLCs included, as well as when we intend to introduce some new mechanics to the game:
1 - Incipiam (Feb 2023)
2 - Insulam (Apr 2023) + new mechanic!
3 - Cogitare (Jun 2023)
4 - Novus (Aug 2023) + new mechanic!
5 - Paenultima (Oct 2023)
6 - Finis (Dec 2023)

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February 23, 2023


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