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Nintendo Switch

XEL -Breaking Time

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A new chapter of Reid’s story awaits in this brandew DLC for XEL.

A new chapter of Reid’s story awaits. Travel back in time to the XEL, meet old friends, make new ones and change the future.

“Breaking Time” picks up right after the dramatic conclusion of XEL. Can Reid change the fate with her new powers? Or will she undo everything out of another selfish urge. Take a plunge into XELs past, defeat new bosses and master new puzzles. Ready your gadgets and follow Reid on her new journey.

A new three-hour adventure awaits
Fight your way through a dungeon 80 years in the past
Defeat new bosses and enemies
Use your gadgets to solve new puzzles
Change the future of XEL
Listen to new catchy songs

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Product information

Release date

April 21, 2023

ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB