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Vampire: Darkness Falls

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Embrace the shadows or seek the light—survive the night in a world where your choices shape your destiny

Step into the hidden depths of modern society where vampires govern the night in "Darkness Falls," an immersive blend of visual novel and decision making game. Navigate a world where the supernatural lives beside the ordinary, a world that only comes alive once the sun sets.
In "Darkness Falls," you are a newly awakened vampire, thrust into a complex hierarchy of ancient vampire clans, each with its own rules and ambitions. Your survival hinges on maintaining the delicate balance between your human sensibilities and the beast within. As you navigate this dark society, your choices will shape your path and determine your fate.
Dual Nature System
Manage your dual nature as both a predator and a semblance of your former human self. Feeding on humans provides power but costs humanity, while hunting animals is less risky but requires more frequent ventures into the shadows.
Clan Dynamics
Align with one of the powerful vampire clans. Each clan offers unique abilities and quests, but also obligations. Your relationships with these clans will affect your influence and standing within the vampire society.
Sophisticated Art Style
Dive into a beautifully crafted world with a modern gothic aesthetic, combining detailed environments, stylish characters, and atmospheric visuals that enhance the storytelling.
Strategic Hunting
Decide when and whom to hunt. Your hunting choices affect not just your own strength and humanity, but also your relationship with other characters and factions within the game.

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Vampire: Darkness Falls

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May 9, 2024

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TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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156 MB

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