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The Good Life - Behind the secret of Rainy Woods

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The Good Life

12 brand new quests with the residents of Rainy Woods. YEAH BABY!

Elizabeth is alive, and no one remembers what happened in the GODDAMN HELLHOLE, that is Rainy Woods.
It's time to find out what’s really going on… And maybe enjoy some time in the countryside along the way.

Take on a slew of new side quests from the residents of Rainy Woods and come across some new faces along the way. Help them learn photography! Cook together! Set up secret dates! Save someone’s life...?

Well it’s time for Naomi to put that drink aside and put on her journalism hat once again!

This DLC includes 12 new side quests, with many secrets left to uncover… Let's peek a bit further behind the curtain of Rainy Woods shall we?

Note: Some side quests included in the "Behind the secrets of Rainy Woods" DLC can only be played after clearing the main story. For more details on how to unlock each DLC side quest, please refer to the official PLAYISM page for The Good Life.

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Release date

March 9, 2023


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3 MB