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Nintendo Switch

Special Mission Pack 2

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Required to play:

I am an Air Traffic Controller - AIRPORT HERO HANEDA

Additional content available 8!

The "Special Mission Pack" is back with even more power!
Challenge yourself in air traffic control on stages filled with emergency events and diverse characteristics!

STAGE 1 "Emergency dispatch in strong winds!"
[Difficulty Level] HARD [Assigned Time] 7:00~7:45

STAGE 2 "Haneda at sunset, crowded Terminal 3!"
[Difficulty Level] HARD [Assigned Time] 16:00~17:00

STAGE 3 "Evening Landing Rush!"
[Difficulty Level] HARD [Assigned Time] 14:45~15:45

STAGE 4 "Strong wind continues! Be careful!"
[Difficulty Level] HARD [Assigned Time] 16:15~17:30

STAGE 5 "Urgent mission! Busy Haneda Airport."
[Difficulty Level] EXTEND [Assigned Time] 9:00~10:30

* "I am an Air Traffic Controller - Airport Hero Haneda" is required to use this content. If you need to apply the latest patch, please update the game before playing.
* In order to play this content you must have cleared up to STAGE 2 in the game.

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Product information

Release date

February 15, 2024


ESRB rating

Game file size

4 MB