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Nintendo Switch

SOL CRESTA "Wing Galiber" DLC

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Enrich your SOL CRESTA experience as you pilot new fighters in this DLC.

Installing this DLC will add the new Wing Galiber fighter to the base game.
- This fighter cannot be used in Dramatic Mode included in the SOL CRESTA Dramatic DLC.
- Check the in-game manual for the Wing Galiber controls.
- CR47, Wing Galiber, and Wing Galiber II DLC value bundle is also available for purchase. Be careful with duplicate purchases.

Wing Galiber
The main fighter from Terra Cresta is miraculously back to fly one more time!
Just as in Terra Cresta, dock with 5 of your ally fighters that appear from the hangar and experience a variety of different attack variations. Of course, the Formation Attack and phoenix are back!

Wing Galiber can also be used for score rankings in Caravan Mode.
The icon of the fighter used will be now be recorded along with your high score.
Challenge yourself and see how much performance you can bring out of this legendary fighter, which is different to the Yamato fighters in many ways.

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Release date

December 21, 2022


ESRB rating

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4 MB