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Short Scenario Pack

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Required to play:

I am an Air Traffic Controller - AIRPORT HERO HANEDA

Additional content available 4!

A must-see for puzzle-loving air traffic controllers! Challenge yourself in thess short stages where everything depends on a split-second decision!

Give the best instructions within a limited time and aim for S-rank!

STAGE 1 "A short time Air Traffic Control!"
[Difficulty level] NORMAL [Assigned time] 16:30~16:50

STAGE 2 "Crowded skies! Give precise instructions."
[Difficulty level] NORMAL [Assigned time] 10:00~10:20

STAGE 3 "Short time, high traffic. Be careful!"
[Difficulty level] HARD [Assigned time] 12:00~12:25

STAGE 4 "Crowded terminals at Haneda Airport!"
[Difficulty level] HARD [Assigned time] 17:00~17:25

STAGE 5 "A high-level limited-time Air Traffic Control!"
[Difficulty level] EXTEND [Assigned time] 10:00~10:30

* "I am an Air Traffic Controller - Airport Hero Haneda" is required to use this content. If you need to apply the latest patch, please update the game before playing.
* In order to play this content you must have cleared up to STAGE 2 in the game.

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Product information

Release date

April 6, 2023


ESRB rating

Game file size

4 MB