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Nintendo Switch

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution

Shantae's adventure comes full circle in this long-lost sequel!

Shantae is back in an adventure 20 years in the making! The nefarious pirate Risky Boots has a “groundbreaking” new plan that will leave Sequin Land spinning — by rotating the continent, she can move any town right to the coast for easy plundering! As Shantae, turn the tectonic tables on Risky by taking control of the land itself: shift, twist, navigate, and explore by swapping between mix-and-match multilayered levels! Hair-whip and belly-dance your way through scrambled lands, misplaced towns, monster-filled crypts, and daunting labyrinths. Six creature transformations, fierce boss battles, and a 4-player versus mode await!

Key Features:

• Discover the lost chapter of the Shantae saga, fully restored and released after 20 years!
• Fight and explore using your hair-whipping ability, magic items, and belly-dance transformations (including monkey, elephant, crab, and more)!
• Spin and shift Front Yard and Back Yard playfields to create new routes and solve puzzles!
• Visit towns, battle through labyrinths, purchase upgrades, find collectables, and meet with friends like Rottytops, Sky, and Bolo!
• For the first time ever in a Shantae game, four players can compete in Battle Mode!

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