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Scenario for War Chronicles Mode - 4th Wave: "The Battle for Wu"

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ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV: Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle

An additional scenario for the War Chronicles mode of the "ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV: Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle".

Note: This product is included in the "ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV Season Pass 2". Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.

▼War Chronicles scenario
The Battle for Wu

The battle between Jin, aspiring to unify China by subjugating Wu, and the self-defending Wu.
Wei and Shu have already fallen, and only Wu out of the three kingdoms is left.
Jin aims to capture Wu's land from all directions with their overwhelming power. Among them are some who remain cautious and prudent, but focus on overpowering Wu with the unstoppable momentum.
Wu is clearly inferior to Jin, with not much men, military strength, and morale within their territory. Rebuild the nation as quickly as possible and use any slightest opportunity to strike back at Jin.

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April 28, 2021

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Handheld mode, Tabletop mode, TV mode

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3 MB