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Looking for the most action packed, slow-mo, 2D arena shooter in the universe? Look no further!

Challenge friends and family to awesome and fast paced arena battles.
Choose between chaotic team matches and intense free-for-all fights.
Dash and dodge bullet clusters in nerve wracking slow-motion moments.
Use different surroundings to outplay your opponents and enjoy the colourful world of Retimed!

Bintain: constantly depressed, lives in a city where everyone is happy.
Violet: jolly, careless, clumsy, is made of a bubblegum-like substance.
Psycho: mystery to everyone, wears a mask for an unknown reason.
Yowie: super chill, loves listening to music and getting all philosophical.

• Easy to learn, hard to master
• Multiple game play modes
• Online and offline multiplayer
• Singleplayer mode
• 2-4 players
• 4 cute characters
• 8 unique arenas
• E-Sport ready

“A hail of bullets is headed your direction, when suddenly, time around you comes to a crawl. In your moment of clarity, you fire a shot into one of the oncoming projectiles and duck under the others. You take a brief moment to catch your breath before repaying your opponents with a flurry of your own shots.”
The Geekly Grind

“Narrowly dodging impromptu bullet-hell attacks looks and feels friggin’ sweet.”

“A great start to a great party.”
Nintendo World Report

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Supported play modes




Product information

Release date

September 20, 2018


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game file size

445 MB

Supported languages

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

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