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Rare Card Set 13 [D-BT08]: Minerva Rising

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Required to play:

Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days

*In order to use the cards included in the DLC, purchase of the “Additional Card Pass Vol.2" or “Additional Card Set Vol.5 [D-BT08]: Minerva Rising” will be required.
*It is not available to use or check cards included in this DLC unless you purchase “Additional Card Pass Vol.2" or “Additional Card Set Vol.5 [D-BT08]: Minerva Rising”.
*Even if you purchasied this DLC first, included cards can be unlocked by purchasing “Additional Card Pass Vol.2" or “Rare Card Set 13 [D-BT08]: Minerva Rising”.

This set includes 1 copy of each card in FFR or FR treatment.
D-BT08/FFR01EN Peak Personage Stealth Rogue, Shojodoji
D-BT08/FFR02EN Stealth Dragon, Unpreceden
D-BT08/FFR03EN Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier
D-BT08/FFR04EN Silver Thorn, Rising Dragon
D-BT08/FFR05EN Monster Creator, Arkhite
D-BT08/FFR06EN Reception Monster, Wavyloss
D-BT08/FFR07EN Omniscience Regalia, Minerva
D-BT08/FFR08EN Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica
D-BT08/FFR09EN Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom
D-BT08/FFR10EN Tidal Assault
D-BT08/FFR11EN Undoubting Flame Sword, Radylina
D-BT08/FFR12EN It's Show Time! Ririmi
D-BT08/FFR13EN Ladies and Gentlemen! Rarami
D-BT08/FFR14EN Go Ahead, Mikani
D-BT08/FFR15EN Great Sword of Fierce Black Flame, Obscudeid
D-BT08/FFR16EN Pink Moth Girl, Maple
D-BT08/FR01EN Stealth Dragon, Jakumetsu Arcs
D-BT08/FR02EN Staticrack Dragon
D-BT08/FR03EN Scarlet of Fluttering Evanescent Life
D-BT08/FR04EN Frying Shot Dragon, Crumstego
D-BT08/FR05EN Sublimate Lance Dragon
D-BT08/FR06EN Spear Knight of Scales, Limzviit
D-BT08/FR07EN Stealth Fiend, Koumaaun
D-BT08/FR08EN Silver Thorn, Breathing Dragon
D-BT08/FR09EN Luxual Songster
D-BT08/FR10EN Song of Extolment Can Be Heard
D-BT08/FR11EN Silver Thorn Marionette, Lilian
D-BT08/FR12EN Diverse Wild Master, Honoratio
D-BT08/FR13EN Brick Guardner
D-BT08/FR14EN Hurry and Join, Silver Thorn Servant
D-BT08/FR15EN Abent Robust
D-BT08/FR16EN Volcano Monster, Goukaterra
D-BT08/FR17EN The World is a Blue Research Lab
D-BT08/FR18EN One Who Peruses the Proto Galaxy
D-BT08/FR19EN Strahl Winthose
D-BT08/FR20EN Windstorm Monster, Cyclogaade
D-BT08/FR21EN Torrential Energy Research
D-BT08/FR22EN Witch of Ravens, Chamomile
D-BT08/FR23EN Magic of Alteration, Turnarr
D-BT08/FR24EN Dark Magenta of Blooming Hatred
D-BT08/FR25EN Knight of Excision, Diorruing
D-BT08/FR26EN Hammerbreaking Knight, Sadie
D-BT08/FR27EN Universal Angel
D-BT08/FR28EN Wisdom of Beginning That Cleared The World
D-BT08/FR29EN Tear Knight, Emilios
D-BT08/FR30EN Wheel Assault
D-BT08/FR31EN To The Shining Stage!
D-BT08/FR32EN Shoreline Raise Dragon
D-BT08/FR33EN Ripening Dragon
D-BT08/FR34EN Titan of Greenflow Patrol
D-BT08/FR35EN Judgment Maelstrom

*If you already own the maximum number of cards allowed in-game that are also included in this set, you will receive the equivalent amount of CP (in-game material for card crafting) instead.

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Product information

Release date

July 26, 2023


ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB