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Puzzle Games Bundle (5 in 1)

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Develop and unlock your logical thinking to its full potential.

Immerse yourself in the best strategy gameplay since Checkers! Spawn your pawns wisely, level them up and destroy the opponent's Crystal! Play a progression-based Single Player campaign, or duke it out with a friend on one of the fourteen local Multiplayer maps. Become a Master of Pawns with your Tactical Mind.

The aim of every match is to reach and disable your opponent’s Crystal. Spawn pawns, place them wisely, level them up and outsmart the other player with the right moves…sound simple so far, right? Except you will have to share the Energy costs of any action with the other player! Whatever you do or purposely don’t do will have a positive or negative Energy impact on your enemy’s turn. That’s where the real battle of the brains is. Ready to think carefully and show off your Tactical Mind?

As the Light Bearer, your quest is to walk the legendary Path of Light and explore an ancient and beautiful world.
The light is the key to open the secrets of this mysterious civilization.
You have to understand how various devices work to manipulate the lasers and direct them into the right triggers

When you’re a cube, even a simple island becomes a puzzling maze. It’s time to shine and bring out the best in you. Collect keys, climb steep walls and manipulate your surroundings to finally reach the portal.

Mushroom Quest is based on the addictive and brain-busting principles of the “blocks-moving” puzzle games, but adds some innovative gameplay elements. Take your time to solve the riddles and pass each level…if you can. Seven out of ten testers struggled to complete more than 15 levels. Will you be creative enough to find your way out of the 30 mazes?

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Product information

Release date

November 18, 2022


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3.1 GB