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PROJECT : KNIGHT™ 2 Dusk of Souls

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I see that tall castle in my dreams. It used to be an Island. Now, A tall castle stands surrounded by dark, ominous clouds.

Something has changed! The eternal loop seems to be shattering. How is it possible?...

Something tells me to hold on...
Something tells me to be stronger...
Something tells me to face my fears!

In my dreams I saw that island... That island now seems to be so peaceful.

I'm now lost and there is no turning back.
A lonely knight on top of a monstrous castle.

After waking on top of a large dark castle, you will have to fight your way to finally escape out of this nightmare!

-Collecting coins will be crucial to unlock different parts of the castle!

-Collect as many souls as possible by eliminating the evil creatures lurking within the castle.

-Upgrade your abilities and potions, otherwise, you won't be able to defeat the bosses that stand in your way!

-Improved combat!

-Block with your shield and inflict enormous damage when your Blue Gauge has filled to its maximum.

-Be careful! Keep an eye on the new stamina gauge which will deplete if you attack or flee!

-50 Purple Coins are hidden inside the castle, so be on the lookout! Whoever collects all the Purple Coins will receive a great fortune.

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PROJECT : KNIGHT™ 2 Dusk of Souls

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Release date

August 19, 2022

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Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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1.4 GB

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