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Nintendo Switch

PowerWash Simulator Midgar Special Pack

Required to play:

PowerWash Simulator

Your PowerWashing services are needed in Midgar! Experience Final Fantasy VII like never before as you’re commissioned to clean up some of its most iconic vehicles and locations. Combine the super-soothing fun of PowerWash Simulator with the gritty and gripping world of Final Fantasy VII.
It takes a lot of power to clean the mess left behind by the usual suspects – Don Corneo’s lackeys, Professor Hojo’s ‘specimens’ and Heidegger’s tech. Tackle new dirt-types, such as bio-residue, and clean up after events you couldn’t dream of happening back home in Muckingham. Magic, monsters, Mako – evidence of this world’s strife is everywhere.
Frontline in the fight against dirt, it’s down to you to restore Midgar’s metropolis back to its shining former glory, accepting commissions from all that request your PowerWashing prowess – from Shinra’s bigshots to Avalanche’s most loyal members. Discover their stories through text messages as you powerwash to a sparkling finish.

Wash and explore five new levels, including:
- The iconic Hardy Daytona & Shinra Hauler
- The mighty Scorpion Sentinel
- The welcoming Seventh Heaven
- The breath-taking Mako Energy Exhibit
- The formidable Airbuster

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Release date

March 2, 2023

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3 MB