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Portal: Companion Collection

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Break the laws of spatial physics in the hilariously mind-bending adventures of Portal and Portal 2!

Including Portal and Portal 2, the Companion Collection comes to Nintendo Switch™ with all the groundbreaking gameplay, dark humor, and exploration that earned the series hundreds of awards.

In Portal, you’ll use a highly experimental portal device to solve physical puzzles and challenges. Maneuver objects--and yourself--through space to puzzle your way through the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories.

Return to Aperture Laboratories in Portal 2 where you’ll once again face off with the lethally inventive, power-mad A.I. named GLaDOS. Meet an expanded cast of characters as you think your way through dangerous, never-before-seen areas of the laboratories and a wider variety of portal puzzles. Plus Portal 2 also includes a co-operative game mode with local, split-screen and online multiplayer so you and a friend can think with portals.

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Portal: Companion Collection

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Release date

June 28, 2022

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10 GB