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Paint it + My Cute Unicorns Bundle

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Discover Endless Colors with 'Paint It' and 'My Cute Unicorns' Coloring Book!

Paint it

Paint It is like a magical coloring world where you can paint, use stickers, and have fun with 40 models. You'll have lots of creative tools to make everything look amazing. Let your imagination run wild and make your models super colorful!

Any color
Using a color palette, choose any color you want!

Use stickers
But how can you draw without stickers? A huge collection of stickers will help you create something beautiful!

Use touchscreen
Your fingers are the best tool, paint the models using the touchscreen.

My Cute Unicorns - Coloring Book

This is your personal collection of unicorns. Let's begin coloring the cutest unicorns using lots of tools.

The amazing cozy palette in combination with stickers and glitters will help you to create the unicorn of your dream!

Choose between 30 pictures and spend hours on making beautiful masterpieces. Share it with your friends!

Play the game the way you want: using touch screen or Joy-Con Controller.

- 30 Amazing unicorns in your hands or TV
- 48 Prettiest stickers
- 10 Different tools
- Cozy palette with dozens colors
- Full touch screen and Joy-Con controller support

Let's start this cozy adventure with unicorns and brushes!

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Product information

Release date

November 25, 2023


ESRB rating

Game file size

955 MB