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Nintendo Switch

Om Nom: Coloring, Toons & Puzzle - All DLC Pack

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Om Nom: Coloring, Toons & Puzzle

Want to expand your library of coloring pages, puzzles, dots and toons at once? This bundle is for you!

Bundle contains all ADDITIVE content available for Om Nom: Coloring, Toons & Puzzle:

Om Nom: Tasty Toons
Om Nom: Sweet Coloring Pages
Om Nom: Flavorful Puzzles
Om Nom: Delicious Dots

OM NOM: TASTY TOONS with 49 episodes about Om Nom’s adventures in five seasons (time traveling,exploring the outside, magic, discovering the world, and video blogging)

OM NOM: SWEET COLORING PAGES with 36 pictures in 6 themes (Jungle Adventure, Backyard Activities, Joyful Room, Relaxing Picnic, Playground Fun, Forest Trip)

OM NOM: FLAVORFUL PUZZLES with 16 more jigsaw puzzles, 8-150 pieces each

OM NOM: DELICIOUS DOTS with 20 more dots puzzles to connect and uncover the lovely characters from Om Nom Toons series

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Release date

March 11, 2022


ESRB rating