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Nintendo Switch

Ocean Animals Puzzle - Preschool Animal Learning Puzzles Game for Kids & Toddlers

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The perfect game for little kids and babies! No language skills required! Preschool & learning with fun!

This educational game & plug-in puzzle for babies and small children of kindergarten age promotes motor movement sequences and logical thinking as well as hand-eye coordination in your child in a playful way.

Please note: This children's game can be played completely without language skills! Thus, the game is ideally suited for all countries and languages!

The game thus combines the fun of the game with the training and learning of your child's elementary skills.

Perfect for children aged 0-6 years.

The game contains a variety of unique, fun and kid-friendly ocean and sea creatures themes.

A successful puzzle game is always rewarded with a motivating balloon game. In it you have to burst a large number of colorful balloons that are flying around. Many fun and colorful effects are released while a funny animated 3D animal character cheers the game won. kids love it!

Long-lasting fun and learning success guaranteed.

The game contains a total of eleven different theme worlds that were created by a well-known illustrator.

The game contains a variety of different sea creatures. You will find (among other things) clown fish, sharks, fish, crabs, squid, ducks, seagulls, mussels, dolphins and more.

Please note: This game only uses touchscreen functionality!

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June 2, 2022

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Handheld mode

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143 MB

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