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Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Three

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Bonus content that lets you enjoy the story of Ninjala offline! Complete ninja missions to earn a host of special items!

Story Mode is a single-player mode that can be experienced offline.
Enjoy a tale of ninja intrigue told through dynamic graphic novel-style cut scenes and intense action-packed gameplay. In the action sequences, you'll battle sinister space ninja and perform other special missions. The final stage features a thrilling battle against a giant boss monster, testing your ninja skills to the max!
■ Special Items
The Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter Three will give players the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards not obtainable anywhere else.
■ The Story
The WNA has decided to hold a "WNA Convention" to promote its work to countries across the globe!
Emma is chosen to represent the WNA Academy at the Ninja Extreme Skating Exhibition to be held during the convention.
However, some misfortune befalls Emma on the day of the exhibition, leaving it up to Burton to save the day.
And so, Burton makes a sudden skateboarding debut! Will he be able to come out strong in the exhibition?

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Product information

Release date

September 28, 2022


ESRB rating

Game file size

95 MB