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Nakana Bundle #2 (Mythic Ocean + Journey of the Broken Circle + Cosmic Top Secret)

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Experience our meaningful games! In Bundle #2, you'll explore these themes: Love, Discord, Influence, Introspection

++ Mythic Ocean by Paralune ++
Teach the gods to create a better world - or mess it all up!

Freely explore a vibrant ocean. Have relaxing, deep, and amusing conversations with six different gods and a cast of sea creatures.
The advice you give continuously alters your story and leads to thousands of possible endings, ranging between harmony and pandemonium.
Which god will rise above? What kind of universe will they create? Discover the outcomes of your choices.

++ Journey of the Broken Circle by Lovable Hat Cult ++
Platforming & Storytelling *literally* go hand in hand on a journey about much more than love.

Meet fascinating characters on your quest to complete the imperfect Circle. New partners bring unique abilities and their own personality to roll with...
In this 3-5 hours adventure, full of ups and downs but always playful and rewarding, the Circle learns about itself and you, along with it.

++ Cosmic Top Secret by Klassefilm & Those Eyes ++
Hi, I’m “T”. Was my Dad a spy during the Cold War? Help me investigate!

“Cosmic Top Secret” is the weird, but official, term NATO uses for top confidentiality. A fitting name for this game since it needed military clearance to be released!
Cosmic Top Secret won multiple awards for the innovative ways it engages players in deeply documented plots. The game even inspired the creation of a life-size event at the Cold War Museum of Denmark.

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Nakana Bundle #2 (Mythic Ocean + Journey of the Broken Circle + Cosmic Top Secret)

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July 1, 2022


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3.8 GB