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Mario + Rabbids® Sparks of Hope DLC 3: Rayman in the Phantom Show

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Rayman makes his great comeback to team up with Rabbid Mario and Rabbid Peach! They have been invited by the dramatic Phantom himself, former nemesis from Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle; and he is a changed, er, phantom. In need of help, he invited this unlikely all-star cast to engage in tactical turn-based battles to create the greatest show ever!

• Rayman is finally back! Control him and his team as he joins forces with Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Peach, and their brand-new Sparks for an extraordinary adventure.
• Discover a whole new cinematic universe full of surprises, including three hilarious giant movie sets: Western, Pirate, and Medieval.
• Leverage Rayman’s unique abilities to rise into this showbiz world. Jump with your haircopter and use your iconic punch to uncover everything lying behind the curtains. Leap into battle to unleash the full power of Rayman’s legendary costumes and wacky weapons!
• Triumph over new enemies and exotic challenges in action-packed tactical battles.
• Get ready to shine, as it's the "Grand Premiere" and the Phantom will rate your performance at the end of each battle. Be stylish and efficient to make a good impression and get the highest score.

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Mario + Rabbids® Sparks of Hope DLC 3: Rayman in the Phantom Show

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August 30, 2023


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1.3 GB