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King Of Pyramid Thieves

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In the riveting adventure game, King of Pyramid Thieves, you step into the shoes of a skillful thief seeking fortune.

The aim is to loot valuable gold and priceless gems from an enigmatic Egyptian Pyramid, guarded by the infuriated Pharaoh. With over 70 intricate levels to navigate, you will face numerous challenges and unravel ancient secrets in your quest to reign supreme.

How to play
Guide your thief using simple touch-based controls. Tap and slide across your device screen to move around, avoid guards and traps, and find treasure. Progress through each level by successfully navigating the pyramid's labyrinthine corridors, stealing treasure and evading capture. The occasional puzzle deepens your engagement with this challenging escape game.

Tips and Tricks
Always keep a close eye on patrolling Pharaoh's Guard to evade capture. Remember: timing is key in bypassing traps. Use the game's puzzle elements to outsmart opponents and unlock new paths. Be patient, observe patterns, and plan your route carefully for a successful heist.

Fascinating Ancient Egyptian setting.
Immersive gameplay with over 70 levels.
Clever puzzles that enhance brain-teasing experience.
Simple touch-screen controls suitable for all ages.
Detailed graphics that transport you into the heart of the pyramid.

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King Of Pyramid Thieves

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Product information

Release date

May 8, 2024

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ESRB rating

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Handheld mode

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152 MB

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