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Kargast is a dark narrative exploration game with light RPG elements and a satirical tone.

“You just woke up but... oh, wait! This is not right! Everything seems weird and.. where did everyone go?”

Kargast is a dark narrative exploration game with light RPG elements and branching endings.
It tells a surreal and semi-satirical story of an unwell child on the brink of death,
and his adventures through his surreal, cryptic surroundings..

You must guide him through a place of torment,
confront the unknown and make vital choices along the way. Travel
through dark and mysterious environments with your shiny little
companion, fight your way through dozens of odd and malformed creatures,
and uncover what strange truths lay hidden before it’s too late.

Explore strange worlds with odd inhabitants.
Lite-RPG elements and strange battles.
Authentic synthwave soundtrack that fits the atmosphere.
Original art with thoughtfully crafted locations.
A naive protagonist.
The ability to make friends, unlike real life.

Software description provided by the publisher.

ESRB rating

Blood, Violence

Supported play modes




Product information

Release date

May 16, 2023

No. of players

ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game file size

582 MB

Supported languages

English, Japanese

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