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Nintendo Switch

HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ 2 - Just a Scratch Pack

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HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED™ 2 - Turbocharged

OK, you might think these cars have seen better days… and you might even be right, but never judge a book by its cover alone, or actually, a car by its body alone. What they don't give you in design and aesthetics, will all be rebalanced by performance that will crush the dreams of glory of any of your opponents! With the exclusive Just a Scratch Pack you can immediately add Speed Bump™ and Sudden Stop™ to your collection, two cars ready to hit the track with you for your most daring races, with the most impossible jumps, and the hardest crashes. And honestly, what other damage can you actually do to them? They were born for your crash tests! But these ugly ducklings might even end up bringing you the most beautiful victories!

This DLC includes:
- Speed Bump™
- Sudden Stop™

This DLC is not included in any Season Pass.

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Product information

Release date

December 14, 2023


ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB