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Nintendo Switch

Hack and Shoot Heroes

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A Pixel Art Twin Stick Shooter/Hack n Slash/ Wave Survival Game

Survive the hordes! Hack and shoot through them to get the glory of the victory. Choose from six different heroes, level up, get epic loot and collect coins. Enhance your abilities to slash through the hordes of enemies and get ready to face the endboss in a devastating last final battle. Upgrade your heroes in the Main Menu item shop where you can purchase different items like inventory space and other items.

Hack or shoot through a horde of enemies in climactic waves and collect coins to unlock new mighty heroes or get items in the item shop to increase your chance of victory. Collect experience gems to level up and collect epic loot in your inventory. Get ready and prepare for the final boss fight. Unlock the horde mode where the big coins are lying around after hacking a dozens of enemies and higher tier enemies ! Explore the lands and you might find some special spots which may grants you legendary rewards if you are brave enough to complete it.

Shoot through the hordes with different weapons and add new weapons by leveling up your hero. Choose from three different items which randomly be chosen per level up where each can be one of three item types, a consumable, a weapon or a stats modifying item. In addition the items have a rarity attribute which defines their strength of enhancement and if you are lucky you might find a legendary item. Stash them into your inventory but choose wisely as you dont have infinite space in your backback and they are not interchangeable but you can skip or reroll the items if they do not fit your playstyle. You can also reroll if you want a specific item, want to build for a specific playstyle or you just had bad luck but as usual nothing comes without a cost. And in the main menu item shop you can increase your inventory space by simply buying a backpack.

Choose from six different Heroes, the honourable knight with his fast slashing sword, the wise firemage with her devastating fire spells, the esteemed priest with his unbroken faith, the light footed rogue with his boomerang shuriken blade, the dying necromancer who is calling the undeads for help and last but not least the electrified stormmage with his flashy lightning spells. Each Hero has a different starting weapon and advantages for an unique game feel and different enemy slashing experience.

Happy Slashing!

-Simple Casual game experience
-Six different Heroes each with a different starting weapon (Knight, Firemage, Priest, Necromancer, Stormmage and Rogue)
-Buy different persistent items in the main menu item shop like inventory space, etc.
-Hack and Slash / Twin Stick Shooter mechanic
-Three Levels with three boss fights
-A lot of different weapons and items with weapon evolutions
-Normal mode and Horde mode with climactic waves

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Release date

January 19, 2023

No. of players

ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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416 MB

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