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Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack

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Fuga: Melodies of Steel

A dramatic action strategy RPG depicting hope and despair.

*This content is also included in "Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Deluxe Edition". Please be careful to not purchase the content multiple times.
*In order to use this content you need "Fuga: Melodies of Steel" which is sold separately.

Upgrade from the Standard Edition of "Fuga: Melodies of Steel" to the Deluxe Edition.

・Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Digital Art Book (80 pages)
・Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Digital Soundtrack (15 tracks)
・Fuga: Melodies of Steel - In-Game Bonuses:
①Swimwear costumes for all characters (can be used during intermission and expedition)
②Dummy Soul for the Soul Cannon (can use the Soul Cannon 1 time without sacrificing a character)
③Set of items

*You may download your copy of the Fuga: Melodies of Steel - Digital Art Book & Digital Soundtrack by accessing the download page from the official website (https://www.cc2.co.jp/fuga/en).

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Product information

Release date

August 5, 2021


ESRB rating

Game file size

3 MB