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Firefighter:Car Fire Truck Sim Driving 2022 Simulator

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Take the role of a professional firefighter and save the city!Strap your helmet and duty-belt and get ready for the mission!Over 30 areas inspired from real US locations!

In the game Firefighter:Car Fire Truck Sim Driving 2022 Simulator, you have to try on the role of a real fire brigade worker in a large American city. Players will experience exciting tasks, more than 30 different locations, inspired by the landscapes of the US West Coast. Drive carefully recreated Rosenbauer America vehicles, extinguish fires using heavy firefighter equipment and tools!
You will have real firefighting equipment at your disposal: helmets, safety shoes, firefighter axes, crowbars, water guns and breathing apparatus from the most famous American manufacturers.

Fire alarm! Don’t hesitate, every minute counts! Put on your shoes, zip up your firefighter uniform, settle your duty-belt, put the helmet over your head and start the fire truck, turn on special signals and a siren, and take the shortest route to save people’s lives.
Whether in an industrial area, in the suburbs, in the center of the city - firefighters are needed everywhere to save the lives of people! Do you have what it takes to become a high skilled firefighter? Put yourself up to the challenge right now and become the number one life saver in the city!

Features of the game:
• Plausible fire simulation: the game recreates the behavior of water, smoke, heat, counter draft, as well as general outbreaks, ignitions and other causes of fires, including those due to electronics, chemicals and explosions.
• The carefully crafted physical system reliably demonstrates the damage from the spread of the flame.
• Detailed training, teach the basics of fire fighting.

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Release date

July 11, 2022

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Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

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845 MB

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