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Faeria: Premium Edition

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With its unique living board, Faeria will challenge you with truly strategic card battles. Craft your deck, shape the battlefield, and fight for victory!

Unlock the Premium Faeria experience. This package provides a mixture of accelerated progress and exclusive items. Maximize your time spent in Faeria with DOUBLE XP, more deck slots, special cosmetics and more!

XP in Faeria is your main source of card collection. No buying card packs here - win it all by playing the game.

Looking to get the most out of Faeria? This content is for you.

This content includes the following:

• Doubled XP - from everything!
• Earn Battle Chests and Shards at twice the normal rate.
• 10 ADDITIONAL Deck Slots
• Premium card back
• Golden Faeria logo
• 5 Mythic Chests full of cosmetics
• 40,000 Shards

This is a one-time purchase and will be applied FOREVER to your Faeria account.

The Golden Faeria Logo is visible at all times on the main screen of the interface.

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Faeria: Premium Edition

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Product information

Release date

September 12, 2020


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

Handheld mode, Tabletop mode, TV mode

Game file size

4 MB